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Meet the Team



Chief Martin Brody is a tri-color terrier mix from Tennesee.  He was adopted in 2015.  He likes to be called Brody and considers himself a "tall" Jack Russell Terrier.  Brody's speciatlies are stuffed dog toys, treat dispensers and puzzle toys. Brody is team Captain. 


Stella is Brody's sister and is also a terrier mix.  She is a boisterous southern belle from Georgia and was adopted in 2016. She is a diva and specializes in dog apparel, chew toys, treat dispensers and tug toys.



Sadie is a pure bred German Shorthair Pointer.  Sophie hails from Georgia as well and has been trained to hunt and retrieve. Sadie is as comfortable in the field as she is in the living room while enjoying life at the Jersey Shore. Sadie's specialties are fetch toys and water toys.

sophie and her toys.jpg


Sophie is a Boglen Terrier, half Boston Terrier, half Beagle. She is a certified therapy dog and Champion Trick Performer. Sophie performs over 100 tricks and has appeared on TV with the Dogdad. Sophie's specialties are puzzle toys and flying toys. 


Hamlet, who prefers Hammy is a Juliana mini-pig adopted from a farm in Sourthern New Jersey. Hammy is quite the crowd pleaser and is becoming an expert on selfies.  Hammy's specialty is pet bedding and blankies.

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