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Dogdad Approved Road Show Stop #2, World of Pets Expo, Timonium Md.

Stop number 2 of the Dogdad Approved Road Show was the World of Pets Expo in Timonium Maryland at the Cow Palace. Having Philly under out belts made set-up a little easier. This time we knew what to expect.

The pet parents that we spoke to were mostly very down to earth people who were happy to see better products made by responsible companies. Once they realized we weren't selling timeshares (which is a problem Pet Expo Mgmt. people), or anything for that matter, they became interested in what we were doing. To our surprise, they even thanked us for doing what we were doing which we took to heart.

The Dogdad Approved Road Show is turning out to be much more than we had envisioned though. Sure we're educating pet parents and letting them know there are safer, smarter products out there made by companies that care about pets, but our experiences have been so much more.

We were honored to hear stories of triumph over tragedy by brave souls who were rescued by their pets. We met Veterans with battle scars both inside and out who shared their experiences and introduced us to the furry best friends that gave them back quality of life. Everyday people told us about adopted rescue dogs that got them out of the house and off of medications. Trainers for service dogs including Search & Rescue stopped in to chat as did people with physical disabilities who were using pets trained to assist them. They all had one common denominator, their furry family members. We also met talented entrepreneurs who are making some wonderful products from eco-friendly, waste-free materials.

The Dogdad Approved team is looking forward to meeting more pet parents from the NY/NJ area at the Super Pet Expo, Feb 7th-9th at the NJ Convention Center in Edison. Stop in and see us at booth # 117!

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