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The Klimb from Blue-9 Review

Give your dogs their own space to learn and feel secure with the Klimb from Blue-9. The Klimb was developed by dog trainers as defined place for solving common problems like jumping on guests, begging at the table and barking.

As you teach your dog better manners with the help of training videos from Blue 9 they begin to understand that the Klimb is their place to go to work and be rewarded.

The Klimb is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere making it great for travel with your dog. To assemble the Klimb simple remove the legs which conveniently snap into the back of the platform. Then screw them into each corner and your Klimb is ready for action.

As I said this piece of doggy apparatus was developed by professional trainers and can be used for behavior issues and agility training but the Dogdad isn’t a trainer and I’ve still found the Klimb to be excellent for everyday pet parents and their pooches.

For one, there is enough room underneath the Klimb for it to become a nook for smaller dogs to hang out and feel secure. We also found it to be a great tool for naughty pet parents like us who allow our dogs to sleep in our beds.

As my boy Brody started to age and put on a few extra pounds, he was having trouble making the ascent up to our bed. We bought the traditional doggy stairs for him but he turned his nose up to them and almost seemed embarrassed by the tiny staircase.

When we put the Klimb at the end of our bed, he instantly took to it and now gets up and down easily which restored his confidence and manhood.

The Klimb's firm design and wide platform give him plenty of room to go up and down safely. You can also connect more than one Klimb easily which is great for larger dogs.

The Klimb comes in four colors, black, blue, desert tan and purple. For it’s sturdy, multifunctional design and the confidence it gives our dogs whether through training or just as a secure place, the Klimb is now Dogdad Approved.


  • Sturdy Design

  • Excellent training platform

  • Convenient for Travel

  • Created by Dog Trainers

Things Pet Parents Should Know:

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