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Super Zoo 2019 Recap

The 2019 Super Zoo was a success for the team for many reasons none the least of which was re-connecting with friends and business associates, and in some cases both, who were excited and supportive of our plans for 2020 which we'll announce shortly. We walked close to 50,000 steps (clocked it) through the aisles of SuperZoo and still managed to miss some friends and products that could one day be Dogdad Approved. That is truly the only disappointment. Kudos to the staff who provided a hospitable environment.

Super Zoo 2019, Las Vegas, Day 1

Overall, the landscape of pet supplies for dogs and cats is changing again and I'm not just referring to the continued M&A's that are in play. The wave of technology that penetrated our industry a few short years ago seems to have ebbed. There are still wonderful tech products out there that can help with pet-parenting, but the sheer amount seems to have diminished. has entered the building. Day 1 Super Zoo 2019

This year the tsunami came in the form of CBD products. Although we didn't count ourselves, we've heard numbers as high as 110 vendors of CBD products. One industry insider told me that roughly 70% are made by the same manufacturer and are just packaged with different labels. Here is some unsolicited advice when it comes to CBD products for pets. Assume that CBD can ease pain and possibly relieve stress and do so naturally. There are studies that indicate it that it can work in certain instances. Do not assume that all CBD products are created equally. Ask your retailer who their vendors are! Are there test results available? Where do they source from? Do they ensure quality control? Unfortunately the lack of regulation allows inferior products to enter the fray and that doesn't help anyone including our pets. For a Dogdad Approved CBD vendor, check out this recent review by clicking (here).

The new product section included some interesting toys I'm looking forward to testing for you including new versions of fetch toys, chew toys and plush or stuffed toys. Also represented were new and improved designs on products that will help with the most unpleasant of pet parent duties (pun).

Dogdad Andy Krinner with Shorty Rossi and Ares
Dogdad Andy Krinner with Shorty Rossi and Ares at the Metro Paws Tequila Partay!

I also noticed quite a few gifts for pet parents that we hope to have a closer look at in time for the holidays. #shortyrossi #superzoo2019 #petproducts #dogdadapproved #spz2019 #superzoo #petproductreviews #cbd #cbdforpets @pawseffect #pawseffect #stella #modernfamily #tvstar #brushwithfame #benaughty #metropaws

Dogdad Andy Krinner with Brigitte aka. Stella from Modern Family

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