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Safe Paw Ice Melter Review

Melt ice and snow away without worrying about hurting your pets paws. If you and your pack live in a place like I do where snow and ice can happen at any time, then you need to know about Safe Paw Ice Melter from Gaia Enterprises.

If you've ever taken your dog for a walk after your street has been treated by the salt spreader than you know that having a piece of that salt wedge in their paws can be painful for them. Even the regular snow and ice melting agents can be dangerous because when mixed with water, the chemical reaction can cause extreme heat and burn your pooch’s paws. Safe paw on the other hand melts ice effectively without the extreme heat that usually comes along with ice melting agents. What makes Safe Paw even better is that it works in sub-zero temperatures. We recently used Safe Paw during a Nor-Easter that produced wind-chill temperatures of 15 degrees.

After spreading Safe Paw we noticed melting begin in just a few minutes and after 10 minutes, our walkway was just about clear.

Safe Paw comes in a convenient easy-to-use container with a spreader top and it’s blue color easily let’s you see how much your spreading for an even melt with no waste. Safe Paw Ice melter is non toxic making it safe for your pets and your lawns and shrubbery and it’s non-corrosive so it won’t effect your sidewalks, driveways or decking and for these reasons it’s also Dogdad Approved.


  • Non-toxic, safe for pets plants and lawns

  • Non-Corrosive, will have no effect on driveways, sidewalks or decks

  • Comes in a convenient dispenser

  • Blue color lets you see how much you're spreading for an even melt with no waste

  • Works in sub-zero temperatures

Things Pet Parents Should Know:

  • Will not harm paws, does not generate a high heat chemical reaction when mixed with water like normal melting agents

  • Biodegradable and environmentally safe for land and waterways

  • MSRP $19.99 for 8lbs.

  • Available at Amazon, Chewy and Petco, click here to purchase now!

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