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Review: Tether Tug Dog Toy

Check out the pawsome Tether Tug dog toy collection designed for those dogs who can’t get enough playtime. You may be familiar with the Tether Tug which was introduced in 2011 as another great product invented by a pet parent with a needed to give unlimited play-time to his canine kid. It’s generally an accepted premise that dogs who are bored and don’t get to release pent up energy can and will misbehave. Providing an outlet for that pent of energy is imperative but usually humans tire before our canine kids do. Enter the Tether Tug, the never-ending tug of war match for your pooch.

The Tether Tug is easy to set up. Use a rubber mallet or hammer and wood block to anchor the metal tube into the ground in an open area. Then slide the Tether Tug into the base and let the games begin. The Tether Tug is not intended to be a "watch-me" toy for your dog. In fact, it’s designed for you to interact with your dog, which is likely his or her favorite pastime anyway. Once engaged, release the tether tug and let your pal have the tug of his life without the arm and shoulder fatigue that usually ends playtime too early.

Monkey Fist

The tether tug comes with a braided cotton rope with a knot at the end but, for a change of pace you can also try the monkey fist or the Ball toy plus which are sold separately. I found that zip tying a stuff toy to the rope did the trick for my pal.

The Tether tug comes in 3 sizes so it’s great for any dog. There’s even an indoor tether tug for smaller dogs to have some fun in the house. We think the Tether Tug is a terrific gift for older pet parents that can’t keep up with their rambunctious pups or for humans with arm or shoulder issues. It’s also a wonderful outdoor toy for dogs can’t get enough play-time. Clever design, quality craftsmanship and perpetual doggy fun are just a few reasons why the Tether Tug is Dogdad Approved.


  • Solid Construction

  • Sizes to fit any dog

  • Designed to always pull back

  • Excellent Customer Service

  • Quality Guarantee

Things Pet Parents Should Know:

  • Warranty does not cover chewed Tether Tugs

  • Indoor version for smaller dogs

  • Accessories sold separately

  • MSRP: $69.95 (all sizes)

  • Available at

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