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Review: Sherpa Forma Frame Pet Carrier

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Keep your precious furbaby comfortable and more importantly safe thanks to this hi-tech pet carrier. This is the"new" Sherpa Forma Frame Pet Carrier from Worldwise. During the prehistoric times known as the 50’s 60’s and 70’s, nobody gave second thought about automobile safety. No seatbelts, no airbags, no shatterproof glass. Well we’ve come a long way since then and now that travelling with pets has become kind of commonplace, it’s time to think about their safety as well.

Worldwise now offers the Sherpa Forma Frame Pet Carrier which sets a new standard in pet travel safety. Out of the box, the Forma Frame comes folded flat. First prop it up to its normal shape, then reach inside and you’ll find 2 steel wire-frames that easily swing up and into the Velcro fasteners at the top of the of the front and rear zippered panels. That’s it. You now have a stylish pet carrier made from a ballistic grade nylon.

Crash Tested, Dogdad Approved

The Forma Frame carrier has claw resistant, zippered mesh doors and a mesh side panel to allow for maximum air-flow. Inside the carrier you’ll find a cozy, cotton-lined, padded interior with a reversible quilted mat for added comfort. Aesthetically the Forma Frame Pet Carrier hits high marks but it's only half the story here because the Sherpa Forma Frame Pet Carrier attaches directly to your car via the Latch or Isofix system already built in for child safety seats. So, in the event of an accident, the carrier won’t bounce all over the interior of the car possibly causing further injuries. Great safety feature yes but the safety factor doesn’t end there. The Sherpa Forma Frame Carrier has been crash tested and it meets the same Federal Motor Vehicle standards that child restraint systems do.

When not in use the interior frame can be released and the carrier folded for convenient storage. The Sherpa Forma Frame Carrier comes in 2 sizes. For pets up to 16 lbs and for pets up to 35 lbs. Higher safety standards, pet comfort and stylish design are reasons enough for the Sherpa Forma Frame Pet Carrier to be Dogdad Approved.

Small Forma Frame Pet Carrier on a Table
Clawproof mesh zippered doors and side panels for maximum air-flow


  • Crash Tested

  • Steel Frame

  • Folds Flat for Storage

  • Attaches directly to your vehicle

Things Pet Parents Should Know:

  • Comes in 2 sizes, for pets up to 16 lbs. and for pets up to 35 lbs.

  • Attaches to your vehicle via the Latch or Isofix system in found in most modern cars for child safety seats.

  • Interior is padded and comes with a soft mat which is removable

  • Smaller version is airline certified

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