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Review: Rocky & Maggies Pop-Up Pee Pad

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

I love when I come across a product that has the potential to ease the burden of pet parenting. I’ve found that some of the best products come from pet parents who need to solve a problem with their own furbaby. That’s exactly where the idea for Rocky & Maggies Pop-Up Pee Pads comes from only this inventor also happens to be famous. That’s right, the Pop-Up Pee Pads look familiar, you may have seen them before if you’re a fan of the The Little Couple on TLC. Bill Klein and his brother Joe are the creators of this unique house-training aid.

At first glance these appear to be ordinary wee wee pads which are common training aids and have been on the scene for quite some time. The problem is, they’re usually only effective for squatters, meaning dogs who squat when they pee. As most pet parents know, male dogs instinctively lift their leg to urinate and its usually on a target like a tree or my car tire or even the classic fire hydrant. Even if a male dog makes it to a traditional pad, after assuming the position with no target, accuracy becomes a big question mark. Well, problem solved thanks to Rocky and Maggies Pop-Up Pee Pads because each pad has a pop-up fire hydrant built into it for Fido to zero in on. The target or hydrant is red. which may or may not get your pooches attention. but it does have a added attractant which should help guide him to the pad. Each Pop-Up Pee Pad is 22 inches by 23.5 inches which is a good size for small and medium dogs. The pad itself absorbs up to 4 cups of liquid and has locking technology so there is no messy dripping or clean up. We think the Pop-Up Pee Pads are a great choice for homes with male puppies, small dogs with tiny bladders that have to go out often, pet families that live in high rise apts and for dogs who may be a bit older and have trouble making the trip outdoors in time.

Give your boy a target to hit


  • Pop-Up Target for male dogs

  • Good for dogs with small bladders

  • Good for older dogs who may have trouble making it outside

  • Each Pad can hold up to 4 cups of liquid

What Pet Parents Should Know:

  • Pad Size is 22" x 23.5"

  • 5 layers of absorption

  • Comes in a travel packs of 10 and packs of 25 and 50

  • Locking technology prevents messy drips

  • Invented by Bill Klein, star of TLC's the Little Couple and his brother Joe Klein

  • Available at, click here to purchase

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