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Review: Poopy Packs XL dog waste bags from Metro Paws

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Make Poop-Patrol more pleasant with these designer waste bags! Things have really changed now that I’m a stay at home Dogdad. My day usually starts and ends with picking up some type of poop from my two dogs or my pig and that makes me sort of a connoisseur of kaka. Without question, the waste bags I feel most secure with are made by my friends at Metro Paws. The Metro Paws Poopy Packs XL are for those loads that require a little more space. They seem to be thick which is great for those times when you don’t get a clean pick-up and need a little extra wipeage. My experience as a daily poop picker-upper is that waste bags of a lesser quality will break if any friction is required for pick up leaving you with nastiness on your hands. The MetroPaws poopy pack bags are thicker and bigger than most waste bags and yet they are compostable making them environmentally friendly. There are other bags on the market that claim to be eco-friendly too but they usually come is boring drab colors. The Metro Paws Poopy Pack XL waste bags are opaque and have bright designer prints that makes carrying around excrement a little more discreet. Measuring in at 11” X 13” inches, the Poopy Packs XL poop bags are the largest on the market. They are perfect for larger dogs or for yard duty which requires picking up more than one load at a time. You’ll find you can fit quite a few loads in one bag. The Metro Paws Poopy Packs XL come in a handy dispenser box that holds 250 bags. They are also available in 4 designer patterns. For their strength, design and for making a crappy job a little less unpleasant the Metro Paws Poopy packs XL are Dogdad Approved!

Pawsitives :

  • Extra Large

  • Thicker than average

  • Bright Designer Patterns

  • Compostable

Things Pet Parents Should Know:

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