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Review: Piggyback Treats Company

The first stop of the 2020 Dogdad Approved Road Show brought us to the Greater Philadelphia Pet Expo. We were there to educate pet parents about better products made by responsible companies when a young couple wandered into our booth. Jenn and Chris were curious about what we were doing and then they told us their story and we were blown away.

Jenn, is a trained chef with 16 years of experience and Chris is a retired Navy Veteran. After seeing the amount of perfectly good food products that were being wasted they decided to do something about it and together they formed the Piggyback Treats Company. Jenn and Chris harvest food that would otherwise wind up on the trash heap. Then Jenn transforms them into wonderful pet treats using her own gourmet recipes. Currently, the partners "piggyback" with local restaurants, farms and breweries in the Philadelphia area. They even collect salmon trimmings from the cleaning stations on the Salmon River in NY. The skins are used to make jerky and other nutritious dog treats.

Some of the delicacies they create are seasonal but currently they offer a variety of jerkies, meal-toppers, bier bones (made from the spent brewery grains) and feet treats which are as they sound The meal-toppers that we sampled were the jerky blend and the Ahi-tuna. They were made from pulverized salmon or meat jerky and the actual blood-line of the Ahi-tuna respectively. Just a spoonful or pinch is sufficient.

Stella, our finicky one, likes the Piggy Back Treats Jerky Meal Topper while Brody's favorite is probably the Ahi-tuna.

Piggy Back Treats are available at . They change things up all the time so it's best to get on their mailing list. Recently they added toys and accessories made from recycled materials. For their mission to reduce food waste and the tasty treats they make for our pets, the Piggy Back Treats Company is officially, Dogdad Approved!


  • Reducing Food Waste

  • Delicious and Nutritious

  • Easy Ordering/Prompt Delivery

  • Compostable Packaging

  • Cooked low and slow to lock in nutrients

Things Pet Parents Should Know:

  • Women-owned, Veteran operated

  • Human grade food products

  • Made in the U.S.A.

  • Ahi-tuna is wet and needs to be refrigerated after opening

  • Available at

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