• Andy Krinner

Review: Paws Effect CBD Products for Pets

Check out these CBD products and find out what the buzz is all about. This is the sample box of CBD products I recently received from the fine folks at Paws Effect. As most pet parents already know, CBD products for pets is a hot topic for the potential benefits as well as the lack of regulation. What I found out was that CBD products are made from all-natural hemp and can be effective for pain management and may even help with anxiety without having the psychoactive effects of THC, in other words, no “high”. Despite the lack of regulation, pet parents seem willing to try CBD to manage their pet’s pain or anxiety in order to improve their quality of life. So then, with all the choices available, what makes Paws Effect special? For me, it’s the people behind the products.

Like many entrepreneurs in the pet industry, John and Joe started Paws Effect because of experiences they had with their own dogs. John and Joe are completely transparent about their products and conduct independent testing on everything they make. The results of these tests are available to anyone who wants to see them. They manufacture in the USA using only premium extracts from high-end producers and follow GMP Requirements to ensure consistency. Both John and Joe are certified pet nutritionists, and recently they’ve incorporated their extracts into treats which are 100% organic. These CBD infused treats are made in small batches in their own commercial kitchen which is the only way they’ve found to maintain dosage consistency. And in case you were wondering, yes, they even use the Paws Effect products on their own pets.

The Paws Effect CBD products are available in sprays, balms and treats for dogs. Paws Effect also offers a spray for cats.


  • All Natural Pain Relief

  • Organic

  • Made in the USA

  • Independent Testing

  • Complete Transparency

  • Toxic Free

Thing Pet Parents Should Know:

  • CBD remains largely unregulated

  • CBD has proven to ease pain and anxiety in pets

  • Specific dosage amount for treats and spray, read carefully

  • Paws Effect offers a CBD spray for cats

  • Test Results Can Easily be found on the Paws Effect website

  • Available at www.pawseffect.com

  • Treats made from Non GMO ingredients


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