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Review: NERFDOG Glow Blaster from Gramercy Products

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Recently we took a look at the "Glow"version of the Nerf Dog Tennis ball blaster for the canine kids from Gramercy Products. Like the other dog toys in the Nerf Dog line, this blaster evokes the fun spirit of Hasbro’s Nerf Blasters for human kids. The Glow blaster is the scaled-down, clear version of the original Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster introduced a few years ago. Like the original it too offers slobber-free pick-up and easy launching. Unlike the original, this one uses a 2.5 inch ball which we can only recommend for small to medium sized dogs. The ball is the "glow" factor in this set. The glow makes it easy to find even if your special play time with Fido takes place after dark. The ball will need to be exposed to light in order to activate the glow.

The Nerf Glow Ball blaster is lightweight so anyone can use it. Simply pick-up the ball, press the safety and pull back the cocking mechanism, aim the launcher at a 45 degree angle and let 'er fly. This launcher will shoot the ball approximately 35 ft (bounce included) which is plenty for a great game of fetch. You can adjust the distance by reducing how far you pull back the cocking mechanism. It also makes accurate launching in tight spaces easier without fear of putting your pooch in harm’s way. Best of all, there is no sore shoulder after-effect using this blaster making it great for older folks that may have arthritis or other joint issues. As for the human kids, let’s just say that the Nerf brand and launching action will probably keep them in the fetch game with Fido longer than usual. Also, The "glow in the dark" feature makes it easier for playing in low-light situations and that means you can get some quality time in with your buddy before or after work. We think this compact launcher is excellent for homes with smaller dogs that love to fetch and for pet parents that might be a little older or who might have shoulder or arm issues.


  • Compact Design

  • Accuracy

  • Glow Feature

  • Slobber-Free Pick-Up

  • Easy To Use

  • Storage for Ball

  • No arm or shoulder fatigue

Things pet parents should know:

  • Ball is only 2.5 inches and not recommended for large dogs

  • Do not shoot directly at any person or pet

  • For use by humans 14 yrs +

  • This is not a children's toy

  • Can launch other 2.5 inch balls

  • Officially Licensed by Hasbro

  • The ball is not a chew toy and should be removed after retrieval

  • Priced at about $20.00 US

  • Nerf Dog Compact Blaster available at, click here to purchase

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