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Review: Hearth Hounds Holiday Stockings

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Give your own pooch or a pet parent in your life one of these beautifully appointed holiday stockings. This is one of the incredible holiday stockings from my new friends at Hearth Hounds. As the name suggests Hearth Hounds are stockings made to look like different breeds of dogs. This is the beagle version and as you can see it looks quite like a beagle right down to the floppy ears. The bottom or “foot” portion of the stocking is the dog’s head and the leg portion the neck. There are 23 dog breeds available in 30 different color combinations. The designer of the Hearth Hounds has taken special care to add realistic details to each breed represented. Some of the stockings feature soft faux furs to re-create dogs with longer hair. One final element enhances the warmth of the piece. It is the ribbon/collar accented with holiday colors. While we think Hearth Hounds are great as stockings for your own dogs, we think they’re even better to give as gifts to family or friends who have dogs in their homes. A list by state of stores that carry Hearth Hounds is available on their website or you can buy direct at . Having gone through the process we can say that the Hearth Hounds folks delivered our order promptly and kept us updated with emails from start to finish. The box is adorned with a cute decal announcing that your Hearth Hounds adoption has arrived.


  • Great customer service

  • Wonderful designs

  • Quality workmanship

  • 23 breeds represented

Things pet parents should know:

  • No mixed breeds available

  • Portions of the proceeds goes to Retired Greyhound Adoption services

  • Priced at about $35.00 US depending on the details

  • Available only at

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