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Review: Dog Tornado, designed by Nina Ottosson for Outward Hound

The Dog Tornado is a puzzle toy for dogs designed by Nina Ottosson for Outward Hound. Nina is considered the originator of the dog puzzle category.

This puzzler has 3 levels with 4 chambers each which are used to hide treats. The Tornado is made from a tough colorful plastic that holds up to some serious scratching and paw swipes. Fairing warning time! Do not leave the Dog Tornado with an aggressive chewer. It is not a chew toy.

You can use a variety of treats to entice your pooch to play. Dry treats like jerky and kibble or soft treats like cheese or all natural peanut butter can be used to entice you pooch to play. There are 3 white bone shaped pieces that will increase the level of difficulty. When placed over the treat chambers they stop level from spinning until your dog removes the bone.

We think the Dog Tornado is a great way to exercise your dog's natural foraging instincts. Our test subject enjoyed the challenge and kept coming back for more fun. Because it provides entertainment for our furry pals and us, the Dog Tornado is now, Dogdad Approved.


  • Provides mental stimulation for your dog

  • Pet parents will love watching their dogs solve the puzzle

  • Made from a lightweight durable plastic

  • Easy to wash with soapy water

  • Bone-shaped pieces increase the difficulty

What Pet Parents Should Know:

  • Nina Ottosson is considered the originator of the dog puzzle category

  • Not a chew toy and shouldn't be left with aggressive chewers

  • You can use hard or soft treats

  • We suggest this toy is best suited for small to medium sized dogs

  • Available at Amazon click here to purchase

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