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Review: Bark Potty (dog park in a box)

When I see an improvement on a great idea, I like to talk about and that exactly what we have here with the Bark Potty.

I’ve had experience reviewing subscription services that offer periodic delivery of grass. I thought this was a great idea, especially for the elderly or disabled people who might be challenged by getting outside a few times per day to let their furry kids do their business. In fact, I suggested it for a family member who was having just such an issue. While great in theory, there were some drawbacks including inconsistencies with the condition of the grass on arrival. This can affect how long the patch of grass lasts before becoming unsightly and unpleasant smelling.

The Bark Potty offers the same idea but instead of grass, they use tree bark. Like grass, this proprietary bark offers that same scent of the outdoors but it’s much lighter in weight. Unlike grass this bark repels the moisture, driving it to the bottom of the lined, leak-proof tray. The bark is also antimicrobial which keep odors in check and it promotes evaporation so your bark potty can last up to 4 weeks depending on usage and the size of the dog.

The Bark Potty is also designed with a mesh covering so the bark stays in place and mess-free. They even have built in poop bags for solid waste disposal. Each Bark Potty box can replace up to 60 pee pads. We think the Bark Potty is great for training puppies or for dogs that or are used to housebreaking pads already but here may be a learning curve for dogs that aren’t used to going indoors.

A Bark Potty subscription is also a perfect gift for pet parents that live in high-rise apartments or have difficulty getting outdoors with their pooches. The Bark Potty is all natural and completely recyclable and now it’s also, Dogdad Approved.


  • All Natural

  • Recyclable

  • Can replace up to 60 pee pads

  • Lasts up to 4 weeks

  • Mess-Free

  • Great for pet parents with mobility issues

Things Pet Parents Should Know:

  • May be a learning curve for dogs that aren't used to relieving themselves indoors

  • Subscription service available

  • Totally disposable

  • Built in poop bags for solid waste disposal

  • Can be purchased at pet stores listed on their website at

  • Also available at Amazon, click here to purchase now.

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