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Pet Product Review: The Groovy Dog Toys from One Leg Up Pet Products

Give one of these safe dog toys a try if you’re looking for fun and feeling groovy! These funky dog toys are part of a new line of hippie chic pet products from One Leg Up. These far-out dog toys have quirky packaging that oozes the Peace, Love and Flower Power themes of the 70's. They even come in psychedelic colors like purple haze and mellow-yellow.

The Groove Ball is a great choice if you have a fetcher on your hands. The ball is made of solid rubber so you don’t need to worry about it breaking and lodging in your pooch’s throat. It is slightly larger than a tennis ball and it’s made from natural rubber that is BPA and Phlalate free. The ball is tough enough to withstand some intense chomping but is gentle on the teeth and gums. This ball has an incredible bounce which is great for long distance fetch games. The Groove Ball is also designed with a built-in channel or groove around the circumference of the ball which will hold peanut butter or other soft treats to heighten your pooch's play experience.

The Magical Mystery Treat Dispensing Hydrant toy is a great multi-purpose toy to have in your dog’s play arsenal. Like the Groove Ball, the Hydrant Toy is also made from natural rubber that is non-toxic so you need not worry how long your dog carries it in his mouth. The Hydrant is hollow unlike the ball so it isn’t as tough but still plenty strong. What we like is that you can pack this with kibble or soft treats to use as a treat dispenser. Or you can insert a bully stick in the top and keep Fido safe from any potential choking hazards. You can even use it as another fetch toy since it will take erratic bounces when tossed. It is not a straight up chew toy and shouldn’t be used as one.

Both toys are also made with Dura-float technology which makes them very buoyant and great for use at the lake or beach party.

The Groove Ball and the Magical Mystery Treat Dispensing Hydrant Toys are both made in the U.S.A. right in Erie Pa. Like many smaller manufacturing cities that have seen better times Erie is on the comeback trail and One Leg Up is doing their part to support the community by keeping factory jobs in their city instead of becoming another relic of the rust belt.

For their commitment to the safety of our pets and their community, One Leg Up and their Groovy Dog Toys are now Dogdad Approved!


  • Made from non-toxic, natural rubber

  • Very durable, especially the groove ball

  • Hydrant toy can be used as a treat dispenser, bully-stick holder or fetch toy

  • Psychedelic colors include purple haze and mellow-yellow

What Pet Parent's Should Know:

  • MSRP: $11.99 for the Hydrant, $17.99 for the Groove Ball

  • Made in the U.S.A. in Erie, Pa.

  • Upper rack dishwasher safe

  • Groove Ball carries a 2 year warranty

  • Available at Click here to purchase

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