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Pet Product Review: Smear Campaign Trump and Biden Pet Waste Bags from Metro Paws

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Get a box of these fun poop bags to keep your neighborhood clean and perhaps add some levity to the sh*tstorm we’re about to go through.

These are the Smear Campaign pet waste bags from Metro Paws.

As if 2020 hasn’t already been proven itself to be one big stinking pile of dog poop, we’re about to go through an election that promises to increase the amount of excrement we’ll all have to contend with. Well our friends at Metro Paws, makers of the coolest dog waste bags in the world, are now offering bags with the images of each of the candidates for president emblazoned on the side just in time for election season.

The Smear Campaign Bags are degradable and come in 2 colors, Blue for the challenging democraps and Red for the incumbent Repooplicans.

Each box has 4 rolls of 20 bags for a total of 80 bags. We thinks these bags would make great gifts for your red or blue pet parent friends and family. You could also get a box for yourself, just in case you get the urge to wipe a particular candidate's face in it. For their fun and patriotic spirit, the Smear Campaign Trump and Biden Poop Bags are officially, Dogdad Approved!


  • Large size bags to accommodate the biggest poops

  • Comes in Democrap or Repoopblican styles

  • Sold separately

  • Degradable

Things Pet Parents Should Know:

  • MSRP $14.99

  • Metro Paws waste bags are thicker than most on the market

  • Boxes contain 4 rolls of like bags. 80 bags total

  • Limited Edition

  • Available at or Amazon

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