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Pet Product Review: Poochy Pawz City Shoes

Keep your dog’s tootsies from getting scorched with these lightweight booties. These are the City Shoes from Poochy Pawz. As all pet parents should know, if you can’t hold your hand to the pavement, then it’s too hot for your furry pal too. That can present a problem for pet parents that live in the hot climates or the concrete jungle. If you’re thinking about using foot protection we suggest the Poochy Paws City Shoes which are lightweight, easy to put on and take off and protect the paws from extreme conditions.

The City Shoes aren’t clunky like a lot of the doggy footwear on the market. They are made from a Lycra blend which makes them lightweight and stretchy. This moisture-wicking material combined with strategically designed mesh panels keeps your dog’s paws cool and dry.

The city shoes are roomy and have heat-resistant soles that are textured for extra grip. The Poochy Pawz have Velcro straps that keep them snug and secure. We think the city shoes are perfect for those dog days of summer and to keep any yuck that might be on the streets and sidewalks from getting into your home or car.

We also think these are a great option for winter as well. While they are not water proof and do not provide extra insulation against cold they will still provide protection from snow and ice in-between the paws as well as salt and other chemicals used to melt snow and ice. For their lightweight easy to use design and the protection they provide our pooches, the Poochy Paws are also now Dogdad Approved.


  • Lightweight Lycra blend

  • Roomy and comfortable

  • Heat resistant bottoms

  • Reflective Velcro strap keep City Shoes snug

  • Excellent for hot pavement and sand

  • Good for winter too to protect against salt and other melting agents

What pet parents should know:

  • MSRP: $24.99- $29.99

  • Available in 7 sizes

  • Poochy Pawz website has a sizing guide for a good fit

  • Available at Click here to purchase

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