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Pet Product Review: Lick You Silly Pet Treats

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

These all natural treats may just make your furry friend Lick you Silly! These delicious morsels are from a female owned boutique company called Lick you Silly Premium Pet Products.

After a brief phone call with Barbara, the proprietor, we invited her to submit samples. We liked the fact that the Lick You Silly treats were made of high-quality, all-natural, grain-free ingredients. There are no fillers or dyes and they’re made in the USA. These are all wonderful attributes but not uncommon. Then we received the samples and thought otherwise.

Barbara, a successful marketing executive who helped launch a line of active-wear by tennis legend Venus Williams, was moved to develop Lick you Silly after adopting her family dog Yum Yum who is now the brand’s mascot. Yum Yum had difficulties eating some treats which led to Barb having concerns about questionable ingredients offered in some dog treats. Then she decided to take on the task of creating a better treat.

We loved her passion which was evident when we talked to her. We also liked that Lick you Silly uses only human grade, freeze-dried beef and chicken liver in their treats.

Lastly, you can’t say lick you silly without putting a smile on someone’s face including your own, and Barbara has carried that infectious smile to the packaging which is adorned with a cartoon likeness of Yum Yum, the company mascot!

If that isn’t enough to try Lick You Silly, a portion of the proceeds from Lick you Silly sales is donated to local shelters. The Lick You Silly treats come in 2 flavors, beef and chicken and are available in convenient 4 oz. and 8 oz. packages. Since they are freeze dried, they can be broken up to be used as training treats. We think these treats are great for all dogs but probably best for smaller breeds. For more information or to purchase Lick you Silly products, visit . For their fun packaging, containing premium products and the smile you can’t avoid when you say the name, the Lick you Silly pet treats are Dogdad Approved.


Single ingredient treats

Freeze Dried/Easy to break into pieces




What Pet Parents Should Know:

MSRP: $14.99 4 oz. $29.99 8 oz.

Made in the U.S.A.

Beef Liver and Chicken Liver

Women-owned and operated

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