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National Dog Day 2019

Although National Dog Day is officially observed today, I am pleased to say that most of the pet parents I know celebrate their pooches every day. Of course time spent with you doing anything is just fine with most dogs, but if you're fortunate enough to spend National Dog Day with your furry pal and want to make it special, here are a few suggestions from

Take your dog to lunch with you. Many restaurants are now dog friendly. You can check out websites like and .

If your dog likes the car, take him/her for a ride. New sights and sounds are always a treat for dogs. Make sure to take safety precautions if your pup has a habit of causing distractions to your driving.

Black Dog in the backseat of as SUV
It's National Dog Day, take your pal for a car ride!

Introduce a new toy! If your buddy likes to fetch or is a serious chomper, get them a new dog toy to experience. Changing up puppy playthings keeps Fido from getting bored.

Man shopping for dog toys.
Grab a new dog toy for Fido on National Dog Day!

Explore your local park or hiking trail. Again new smells and sights will be a treat to your dog's senses. Be sure to be outfitted with the proper gear and necessities including water for both of you and waste bags. Depending on the degree of difficulty for your adventure you may want a hands-free leash to keep balance better.

Young Woman hiking with small dog.
On National Dog Day take Fido exploring with a long walk or hike!

If you don't have the luxury of spending all of National Dog Day with your dog fear not. It doesn't take much to make things special. A simple course adjustment on your walk will be a treat. If you don't normally, try playing outside in the evening. There are some cool glow in the dark toys available. Even watching a movie on the sofa with make your dog's day!

Happy dog on humans lap.
It's doesn't have to be "special". Dogs love spending time with their humans most of all. You are their pack leader.

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