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Introducing DOGDAD Approved!

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Greetings and welcome to , a website designed to provide unbiased, real information to pet parents about products for their dogs and cats.

I guess you could say that DOGDAD Approved is a "pet project" that I started 5 years ago while working for a consumer video review site that decided to address pet products. As the most experienced pet parent on staff it was determined that I would be the logical choice to break ground in this new space. At the same time tragedy struck! Just before Christmas that year, my home caught fire accidentally and my 3 pups and a sugar glider perished from smoke inhalation. I arrived on the scene and watched as the firefighters put out the flames and carried the lifeless bodies of my dogs outside. The EMT's and I tried desperately to bring them around with CPR but it was too late. The loss was devastating for me and my family. It sounds hard to believe but in some ways it hurt worse than losing a human family member.

When I arrived back in my office a few days later my colleagues had concerns that I wouldn't be able to move forward with my new assignment. I assured them this wasn't the case and that in fact it was the complete opposite. I felt that I owed it to the memory of our pets to become a pet product watchdog of sorts. So I set out to learn all I could about pet products and found myself appearing in video reviews giving my unbiased, honest opinions about a variety of dog toys, dog gear and pet tech. It was about this time that Mrs. DOGDAD and I realized our lives had been changed forever.

Our temporary home felt empty without the pitter-patter of paws. We tried to convince ourselves that there were benefits to this new found freedom that would allow us to travel etc. But it didn't work and the sadness was hard to bear. So we took a gamble and ignored the rules about pets in our rental and adopted a new shelter pup. Immediately life got better and we were happier again. The idea of travelling became irrelevant and Chief Martin Brody became my best buddy and number 1 tester. Fast forward 5 years to the present. Things change and businesses change but what I still feel is my duty to my pets, past and present, hasn't changed one bit. We've added to our pack since then by adopting our team diva Stella, and a Juliana mini-pig named Hammy who thinks he's a dog.

Dogdad Approved was conceived by the notion that some very interesting and possibly helpful pet products do not receive the exposure they deserve and disappear from sight before pet parents have a chance to discover them. Also, the pet industry, despite being largely unregulated, has a growing roster of responsible manufacturers who have taken it upon themselves to provide safer, smarter and more durable products. You should know who they are. Every year there are new technologies made available that could make the responsibilities of pet parenting easier. You should know about them too. Dogdad Approved will formally introduce you to these companies and their products. We'll reveal their potential, and/or their limitations, by posting weekly video reviews and monthly blogs. We'll invite industry experts to participate as guest bloggers on topical subjects like, raw diets and safety. We'll present video reviews featuring our team of testers that includes canine specialists in chew toys, fetch toys, treat dispensers puzzle toys and tug toys.

Thanks for visiting and please sign up to receive alerts about new posts and promotions.

Dogdad Andy at the beach with Brody & Stella

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