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Dogdad Approved Road Show Stop #3: Super Pet Expo, Edison NJ

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

We had a super weekend at the Super Pet Expo held in our home-state of New Jersey. For the third time we were blessed with great neighbor vendors including the guys from Holi-Chow, which is a wonderful food system of single ingredient, freeze-dried proteins for dogs.

We also want to give a shout out to our new friends from, a lifestyle magazine for animal rescues and the people that support them.

Despite an incredibly windy Friday night, the New Jersey area pet parents were out in full force with their furry and non-furry kids. Saturday and Sunday were very busy too. When the pet parents of the NJ/NY area realized that the DDA Road Show was about showing better pet products made by responsible companies, they wanted to know more. Of particular interest were the products we had for aggressive chewers especially including the SPOT Bam Bones Plus from Ethical Pet Products. Tether Tugs got a lot of attention as well for those attendees whose dogs were always in the mood to play.

Pet parents of the New Jersey area are very savvy about safety, sustainability, and eco-friendly pet products. Of course they are, they're from New Jersey! Another common theme for many was the disappointment in cheaply made products that have been cleverly packaged in a wonderful box. Most are taking a "Fool me Once" approach.

The Super Pet Expo was also dotted with some great entrepreneurial companies that we were able to talk to including the Piggy Back Treat Company. This husband and wife team (he a veteran and she a trained chef with 16 years of experience) rescue perfectly good proteins from farms, restaurants and fishing villages and turn them into all natural, delicious treats and food toppers for pets.

The next stop of the Dogdad Approved Road Show will be the Long Island Pet Expo in Brentwood NY. But before that we'll be scouring the aisles of the Global Pet Expo to find more great pet products made by responsible companies.

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