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Dogdad Approved Road Show is a Hit! First Stop Philly!

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

In 2019 we introduced the Dogdad Approved Road Show as new B2C concept to the pet industry. The idea was to bring quality products that have been Dogdad Approved and put them in the hands of pet loving consumers attending various consumer pet expos on the east coast. We couldn't have chosen a more targeted demographic if we tried. This past weekend saw that idea become a reality at the Greater Philadelphia Pet Expo.

We were a little nervous going in since we'd never done this before and didn't know the lay of the land. Luckily, the vendors near our booth couldn't have been nicer. I'm most grateful to my new friend Kevin, an apparel vendor representing the Dog Is Good brand. Dogdad Approved is now a member of the pack travelling the Pet Expo circuit. From the first night of the show to the end of the third day we engaged pet parents from all walks of life who wanted to know what we were all about. They were eager to learn about the better, safer pet products that we were demonstrating. They shared their disappointment from buying inferior products that look and sound good, but turn out to be junk or unsafe including big name brands and subscription services. We talked about their problems which ranged from aggressive chewing and dental hygiene to indoor potty training and pent up energy. Many were confused about the hot topic of CBD products and we were able to explain that as well.

As we had predicted, we were able to offer recommendations of Dogdad Approved products that could help by sharing our experiences using them. Attendees didn't mind that we had nothing to sell at the show and when we explained we'd be sending links from the Road Show Shoppe as a follow-up. In fact, they were grateful. They had no issues buying through an e-commerce site from the comfort of their own homes especially. There wasn't any pressure. They liked that we spoke their language since we are real pet parents too. We found that pet parents of today are patient and nurturing. They want the best for their fur-babies and are willing to spend a little more on products that are safer and made by responsible manufacturers.

All in all it was a great experience but what we enjoyed most was meeting so many great pets and pet parents from the Philadelphia area. They came from all walks of life and all had one thing in common, the love of their pets. Next stop is the World of Pets Expo where we look forward to meeting the fine pet parents Maryland!

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