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Brilliant Salmon Oil Review

If you're looking for a supplement for your dog that is loaded with the benefits of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, then try 100% unrefined Brilliant Salmon oil from Hofseth Biocare.

My dogs can be finicky when it comes to food so I’m always interested in something natural and healthy to add to their kibble and Brilliant Salmon oil has become a favorite of both Brody and Stella.

Fish Oil is a great source of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which are beneficial for a dog’s immune system and overall health. They help also help keep paws soft and coats bright and shiny.

Brilliant Salmon Oil is literally transparent about their products including their clear, UV protected bottle so you can see what your buying.

Inside is 100% unrefined, all-natural, human-grade, Norwegian salmon oil. Now I have to tell you that I was a little nervous when I saw the bottle because I'm a fan of a schmear on a bagel, and this looked like the oily residue from a nice piece of lox and I know how hard it is to get that fishy smell off of your fingers. But to my amazement, no smell and no smelly doggy breath that sometimes comes with fish oil supplements.

Brilliant Salmon Oil comes in 2 sizes, 10 oz and 34 oz. Each container has a drip-free pump which makes it easy to serve. Brilliant Salmon oil is made using a sustainable process which produces a quality, unrefined product that they’re clearly proud of showing off and so are we because now it’s Dogdad Approved.


  • Pure, unrefined salmon oil from Norway

  • Easy to use leak-free pump for serving

  • Comes in clear, UV protected bottles

Things Pet Parents Should Know:

  • Good for overall health, helps reduce inflammation

  • Can help keep paws soft and may help with shedding

  • 2 sizes, 10 oz. and 34 oz.

  • MSRP $34.99 for two 10 oz. bottles

  • Available at Amazon Click here to purchase now

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