• Andy Krinner

Aggressive Thanksgiving behavior averted thanks to a little CBD for pets.

As some of you may know, my third rescue dog is actually a mini-pig we adopted about a year ago. Being a Dogdad for quite a few years did not prepare me for being a Pigdad. Though similar in many ways, mini-pigs exhibit behavior that can be viewed as aggressive like, nipping, chewing on furniture and charging people and pets. This was beginning to become a problem until I did some research and found out, we were doing it wrong. You see a pig isn't a dog. We were treating him like the rest of the pack which is a no-no and gave him some bad habits. We were also finding pig teeth around the house which meant he was teething and probably very uncomfortable.

We've now altered how we interact with him (I'll share those tips in a future blog post) and he's making a lot of progress but.......we were hosting Thanksgiving and new people who could be potential in-laws, were coming to the Dogdad home for the first time. We needed a plan. We thought about crating him all day or closing off a room but none of that seemed right to do to Hammy after all, he usually has the run of the house. Then I remembered the Paws Effect CBD spray for pets. Being familiar with the folks that make this and their practices, I had no reservations about giving Hammy a couple of squirts to manage the pain he probably had due to teething. Secretly I also hoped it would also keep him calm. I am pleased to say that he was a perfect gentleman all day and did not have to be confined to any particular area. I cannot tell you if it the Paws Effect reduced the pain or the anxiety or both, all I can do is share the results and let you know that I will be using this again should my pets be suffering from pain or anxiety. Thank you Paws Effect. @pawseffect #pawseffect #petcbd #dogdadlife #dogdadapproved #bestpetproducts #petproductreviews #bestpetproductreviews


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