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Who is this Dogdad Anyway?

Welcome to a website designed to give insight to Pet Parents about the ever-growing world of pet products for dogs.


At you’ll get trust-worthy reviews by a real pet product expert,  Andy Krinner AKA the Dogdad. Prior to creating, Andy spent 7 years evaluating dog toys and gear for another consumer website.  Andy also has experience identifying quality products and companies having been Publisher of several trade publications in the toy and licensing industries.


Andy is also a pet adoption advocate and a hands-on dogdad. Currently his pack includes Brody, a Jack Russell mix, Stella, an unknown terrier mix and Hamlet (Hammy), a mini-pig that thinks he’s a dog.  All three are part of the testing team.

Andy gives unsolicited, no-nonsense reviews. After scouring the aisles of the nation's largest pet supply shows he sniffs out products that have a likelihood to aid in pet parenting and/or strengthen the pet-human bond. His unique perspective cuts through the clutter to give pet parents an honest, educated review of the latest in dog toys, dog gear,  pet apparel, pet bedding, dog treats, pet tech and more. He is also a fair judge when it comes to what a pet parent's expectations should be about reviewed products. 

Andy is not paid for his reviews. His site does connect with various affiliate marketing links but understand if he promotes it, he believes in the product or service reviewed.

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